Saturday Night at the Planetarium

Featuring new, extended, presenter-led shows each month

Saturday night planetarium events, including a new live show each month and premium 360o fulldome films.

The special, live Astronomy Monthly show (formerly known as Saturday Night LIVE) is presented twice each evening: the 6pm showing is more suited to families (ages 8yr+) or beginners, while the 8.10pm show is aimed at adults who would like more detailed information about the topic. This show is also occasionally presented on weekday afternoons.

The minimum age for entry is 4yr, although the live shows in particular are not recommended for such young children. They will be required to listen quietly, so please think carefully before bringing any child under 8yr.

“The planetarium is one of the best experiences I've had. There are six projectors which display a film across the dome overhead ... it felt like we were flying through space and were really there with the whole of space around us. The seats were so comfortable I could have stayed for hours.”  

@WinSciCentre had a fascinating night at your Saturday night at the planetarium! Totally recommend it. Will never look at the stars the same! 

Please note the hands-on exhibition is closed during this event, although drinks and snacks, including nachos and paninis, are available from The Hub cafe bar.


Saturdays 11 & 25 March

Astronomy Monthly: Big Brothers (1hr inc Q&A, 6pm & 8.00pm)

We tend to think of the Earth as being a big place; we use phrases like “the ends of the Earth” to mean an almost unimaginable distance – yet when compared to some of our neighbours our home world suddenly seems rather small: the next biggest planet after the Earth is over 60x our size! Come and see some of the monsters of our Solar System and take a trip to a few of the behemoths lurking around other stars. Tickets £10/£8.

This Astronomy Monthly show is also available on Monday 20 March at 3pm.

March's fulldome film is We are Stars (7.15pm, 24min). Tickets £5. 

Book online here. If booking the film show alone, click through to Standard Film using the link at the top.

Saturdays 8 & 22 April

Astronomy Monthly: The Small Stuff (1hr inc Q&A, 6pm & 8.10pm)

Don’t sweat the small stuff, or so the saying goes, but we ignore the little things in space at our peril. For instance 65 million years ago an object just a few miles across changed the course of life on earth forever by wiping out the dinosaurs, and the various small moons, comets, asteroids and dwarf planets we are now exploring are forcing us to re-evaluate our perceptions of the universe. Join us as we tour some of the enigmatic, if modestly sized, wonders of our solar system. Tickets £10/£8.

April's fulldome film is We are Astronomers (7.15pm, 24min). Tickets £5. 

Book online here. If booking the film show alone, click through to Standard Film using the link at the top.



Astronomy Monthly shows are sold at the Special planetarium rate of: £10 adult / £8 concessions. Book online here.
Saturday Night fulldome films: £5 (Standard) or £7.50 (Premium). If booking the film alone, book online here

Astronomy Monthly shows can also be seen on occasional weekdays, priced the same as above but with the additional option of a £5.50 add-on ticket if also visiting the Hands-on Exhibition. See the show webpage for full list of dates.

Groups of 15 people or more from recognised organisations can save 20% off the ticket prices for this event (also for After Dark and Space Lectures)

Please be aware the Science Centre and cafe are closed for these events, although a small snack bar is available. It is recommended to aim to arrive no more than 20 minutes before your showtime to avoid having to spend extended time waiting in the foyer area.

Saturday 25 March
Saturday 08 April
Saturday 22 April
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Visual warning: as with all planetarium shows, these shows include large moving images which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy, balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.