Neighbourhood Earth

Usually presented to schools, this interactive show presented from the stage covers the basic concepts of astronomy.

Neighbourhood Earth has a 5yr age minimum due to the style and content of the presentation. 

The public version of this show includes our changing view from Earth, a little about the Sun and Moon, some seasonal constellations (including the North Star), the structure of the galaxy and our place in the Universe. This is the same same structure as the KS2 version except without the stellar evolution section (which includes a loud bang and so has been omitted to allow a lower age limit). 


This show is rarely seen in the public schedule. When showings are available, these will be listed below.

Special Planetarium Show rate of £10 (£8 concessions), or £5.50 per seat if also buying entry to the hands-on exhibition.


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Visual warning: as with all planetarium shows, this show includes large moving images which may affect people with photosensitive epilepsy, balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.

Age advisory: This show has an age minimum of 5yr for entry. The show is presented from the stage, from where the presenter asks questions and ideas of the audience, who respond by calling out or raising their hands as is appropriate. It has been found from experience that the flow of the show can be disrupted when younger children are present, as they may be unable to understand when it is appropriate to call out, both distracting the audience and also potentially disrupting the flow of the show, making it necessary to cut content to keep to time. The show is also very verbal, making it less appropriate for younger children, especially as the visuals are not as dynamic as in other presentations.