Flight Through the Universe min. 4yr

Sit back and relax to enjoy a whirlwind tour of the universe in the planetarium cinema. Start by spotting a few stars before taking off for a quick tour of the solar system and then flying out of our galaxy into the distant universe. Stay behind to ask a question or simply feel inspired to look up the real stars and marvel at just how tiny our own life on Earth is. 

Imagine sitting in a planetarium cinema seat within a moving universe, with a live presenter who offers you a personal tour of space using high quality data from spacecraft and telescopes.

This show is the closest to understanding the true scale and magnitude of the universe that an average human can get. Travel further than any astronaut and spacecraft, faster than the speed of light to discover the true positions of stars and galaxies. Each show is unique as the live presenter navigates the three-dimensional virtual environment in real-time and responds to the sights that come into view. If you think Mars is a long way, wait until you lose sight of the Milky Way in the distance.

This show is best for ages 8yr+ and fantastic for adults. Minimum age for entry is 4yr.


Sold at the Special Planetarium Cinema Show rate of £10 (£8 concessions), or £5.50 per seat if also buying entry to the hands-on exhibition.

Come just for the show or visit the exhibition during the day and stay for the show.


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Visual warning: this show is not recommended for anyone who suffers from balance disorders and/or extreme motion sickness.

Subtitles: an adapted version of this show with subtitles and/or BSL interpretation is available on request for groups.