Mobile planetarium for private hire

This inflatable digital mobile planetarium cinema dome brings the 360° experience directly to you.

  • Corporate entertainment
  • Company anniversaries
  • Private/public events
  • Staff parties, conferences and exhibitions
  • Product launches and promotions

Book now to hire the mobile dome for an unforgettable digital planetarium cinema experience!

Booking & enquiries: contact Anita, tel 01962 891942 (8am - 4pm) or email

Mobile dome private hire prices

Full day £750 + travel (ex VAT)

Half day £500 + travel (ex VAT)

Can offer three shows during a half-day booking, or six during a full-day booking, but if you would like shorter shows or a more informal drop-in arrangement (eg music and visuals as a chill-out zone) then please get in touch to discuss. 

*The mobile planetarium requires an area of 7m x 7m with 4.5m ceiling height and a power source. Smaller planetariums can be arranged for an additional fee.

*These domes are not suitable for outdoor use. However, they can be erected within a sturdy, weatherproof marquee.

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Full show information

Shows available in any combination, with or without Q&A afterwards.

Stars of the Season (live, 25min, KS1)

The current seasons’ night sky with visible planets, the Moon, shooting stars, star patterns, the North Star and constellation stories of the season!

Tonight’s Sky (live, 35min, KS2)

Live tour of the night sky from Earth, picking out visible planets, our Moon, galaxy and nebulae. Show includes a fly into the solar system investigating the visible planets explored earlier in the show.

Earth & Beyond (live, 45min, KS3)

Discover the wonders of the night sky over your area tonight and explore in detail the Moon and its phases, visible planets, the galaxy, nebulae and star constellations.

Find out why the Earth has seasons and learn about the formation of our solar system as we fly to each planet, finally zooming out to see the entire galaxy!

We are Aliens (film, 24min, KS2-4)

Up to date (2012) film show about the current search for alien life. Considers why we are searching, places we might find life (including Mars, showing a robot similar to the 2018 ExoMars rover), how to find planets around other stars, and what the future might hold. 

The (few) aliens shown are non-threatening and the visuals varied and non-abstract, so KS1 would also enjoy it even though they would not follow all the science. Older (KS4+) groups with a need for directed serious science might find it rather lightweight. 

We are Astronomers (film, 24min, KS3+)

Very stylish show with a great soundtrack, designed for KS3-4. Explains what an astronomer is and how they work in worldwide networks and manage the large amounts of data they collect. Great for showing potential jobs in astronomy, highlighting the UK contribution. 

Includes the electromagnetic spectrum, James Webb Telescope and Large Hadron Collider. Does not include a lot of 'flying through space'. Contains one scene with flickering (potentially dangerous to photoensitive epileptics) but you can be warned when this will occur.

Cell! Cell! Cell! (24min, film, KS3-5)

Join Raj and Sooki to visit the busy world of cell biology. A bright, entertaining show that is popular with students but packed with information. Discover the 3D structure and complexity of cells, the secret of DNA and how we all started as a single cell. Includes accurate modeling of organelles, membrane structure, genes, differentiation, conception and embryogenesis, and how cells work together in the body.  

Foreground/narration is aimed at KS3/4 level, while the background contains elements relevant to KS5.

Back to the Moon: For Good (24min, film, KS3+)

Production led by the Google Lunar X-Prize project, created by the best UK fulldome producers. Recaps former Moon exploration, explains the challenge and then showcases the different teams' work. It focuses on specific issues (eg weight, how to travel across the lunar surface). An excellent introduction to what will be a big news story in 2014.

The Life of Trees (30min, film, KS1-2)

A stunning 360 fulldome film that explains photosynthesis and looks at the role that plants play in the ecosystem; the voice track of which has been re-written by Winchester Science Centre to match the needs of our audiences. Best for ages up to 9 yr.