STEM Employers

The UK, the nation that started the industrial revolution, split the first atom, created the first computer and invented the internet, has a shortage of scientists and engineers - the creative forces behind such innovations – with an estimated 830,000 graduates being required by businesses in the next eight years, yet only 460,000 qualifying in the same period.

As the world becomes more reliant on new and developing technology to solve the issues it faces, it demands more innovators - yet demand cannot be met in the UK as too few young people choose to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in Higher Education. Science and technology are key to delivering growth for the UK economy and building a secure future. Therefore to drive growth there is an immediate need to inspire young people and trigger in them an aspiration to be the future engineers and scientists businesses require.

As a STEM employer, your business can:

  • Help to broaden the outlook of young people to better understand the vast and diverse range of opportunities available to them when they choose to follow a STEM related career.
  • Help to avoid a potential skills gap amongst your STEM roles and ensure that potential employees gain appropriate skills and experience.
  • Challenge traditional stereotypes that young people have about scientists, engineers and careers in STEM industries.
  • Encourage your employees to engage with your local community and develop your CSR programme in the process.
  • Gain access to fresh ideas and views through the original and creative thinking of young people.
  • Strengthen your organisation’s reputation in the local community.


Nuffield Research Placements give sixth form students hands-on experience of a professional research environment through a 4 - 6 week placement in their summer holidays. By providing a placement, your organisation can give someone a life-changing opportunity that will help transform them into a future scientist. See the website or contact Emily Thorpe-Smith for further details:

To find out more about how you can work with us to raise the profile of STEM careers in your area contact Emily Thorpe-Smith, STEM Resources Manager: