Does The Programme Make a Difference?

Independent evaluation of the STEM Ambassadors programme by the National Foundation for Educational Research has shown that they work. 

“Pupils who take part in activities with STEM Ambassadors have more positive attitudes and greater understanding of the importance of STEM subjects to everyday life and their real world applications. These pupils are also more interested in pursuing STEM subjects further." 

"49% of pupils who have had contact with a STEM Ambassador and 61% of STEM Club members want a job that involves STEM, compared to 37% of all pupils."

"90% of pupils are more likely to be interested in continuing to study STEM subjects after engaging with STEM Ambassadors." 

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This is what schools say....

"I really want to be an engineer! This showed me that women can also be engineers."

"The children not only saw the relevance of their studies but saw how their skills could be applied. The children also learnt that the values that we promote in school are shared by industry - which is so important. We will be referring back to the visit over and over again and we do hope that we can continue this partnership.  A wonderful, uplifting experience for the children.  They were buzzing!”

“Working as a team was the best bit – we collected all our designs and discussed them together.  We learned lots about engineering and we’ve made more friends too.”