How STEM Ambassadors can Support Your School

Below are some tried and tested ways in which we can support your school.

If you are delivering STEM subjects in a State secondary school and would like to discuss how the STEM Ambassadors Programme can support you, please contact Harry Hornsby, the STEM School Liaison Officer.

If you already have some activities planned and would like to arrange for STEM Ambassadorial support, please request a STEM Ambassador. A member of the STEM Team will contact you shortly. 

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STEM Ambassadors are volunteers from an extremely diverse range of backgrounds and working environments. They are all united in using STEM skills in their everyday lives and have a desire to help more young people understand how Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths can help them achieve their potential.

"They brought a fresh and innovative feel to the day, and
 I will definitely be using STEM Ambassadors again for future events."

Each volunteer Ambassador is registered, trained and DBS checked and provide you with free of charge supportAn excellent guide to best practice for using STEM Ambassadors in schools has been developed. For more inspiration browse the menu on the left for resources, ideas and opportunities.

STEM Ambassador Class Talks to Help You Bring the Curriculum to Life

STEM Ambassadors can talk about how they apply a particular technology in their work and answer questions from your students. Hampshire and IoW STEM Ambassadors have a wonderful range of jobs: civil engineers who can talk about bridges they have built; computer scientists who help keep aeroplanes flying safely; oceanographers who use satellites to measure how plankton populations change; palaeontologists, meteorologists, STEM cell researchers and bioengineers who are researching new ways to make medicines. Please request a list of specialisms of ambassadors in your area and a class visit to support a particular topic.

STEM Ambassadors recently worked with students at Medina College on a challenge day to help improve their understanding of careers available in engineering, science and technology. See the press release here.


Crest Awards

CREST Awards are designed to encourage students to embark on STEM projects and, in particular, they recognise the creativity and dedication of your students. Teamwork, communication, initiative and project management skills are developed by these projects.

The CREST Awards website has a wealth of resources for project ideas. Completed CREST projects can be entered into regional Big Bang Fairs and are accredited by UCAS. Please contact the STEM Hants team to request a STEM Ambassador to mentor students and to arrange for silver and gold award projects to be assessed.

Visit the CREST Section to find all the information you need on this scheme.

STEM Club Support

STEM Ambassadors can usually be found to support STEM clubs with occasional or regular visits. Schools running (or considering running) active STEM Clubs can now also receive support, guidance and inspiration from – a website with lots of downloadable resources and guides for establishing your own Club. Please contact The STEM Hants team for information on STEM challenges and activity ideas. If you already have a club that you would like to request Ambassador support for please complete the Request An Ambassador Form.


Network Evenings

The STEM team at Winchester Science Centre host twilight Network Meetings in your area for teachers and STEM Ambassadors. This is a great way of finding out what other schools have been up to and meeting STEM Ambassadors who could help you in your school. The aim of the event is to offer teachers practical ways that STEM Ambassadors can support and enrich their curricula.

To find your nearest network meeting see the Events and Activities section and select Network Events on the filter.

Speed Networking and Insights into Careers Opportunities

These events give students the opportunity to meet a range of STEM Ambassadors over the course of an hour or two. Students usually circulate in groups of about 5 and spend 5-10 minutes talking to each of a range of ambassadors about what they do, how they got their job and what they most enjoy about their work. Students gain an awareness of the wealth of careers available, an understanding of how creative and sociable many STEM careers are and they meet people working in STEM industries. This often makes the jobs seem more accessible and can dramatically change students’ aspirations. Recent events have been very well supported by STEM Ambassadors. Please allow at least 6 weeks’ notice for us to source a range of available ambassadors.

Support for Computer Science

There are over one hundred local STEM Ambassadors with expertise in computer science in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and some are developing resources to effectively support teachers delivering the new curriculum. STEM Ambassadors could offer occasional in-class support or be a friendly expert available by phone/email for technical support.


Enrichment Day Ideas

A list of great activities is available to help stretch your students' imagination. These activities could be supported by STEM Ambassadors, who could mentor students and judge their work.


Support for your school from the Science Centre and Planetarium

As the STEM Ambassador Program contract holder for Hampshire and Isle of Wight, the Science Centre has some larger science equipment that can be made available for STEM Clubs to use with STEM Ambassador support. If you are interested in making use of a thermal imaging camera, Van der Graaff generator, solar telescope or particle accelerator in a salad bowl, then do get in touch.

The Science Centre and Planetarium can also offer a range of experiences to support, enrich and enhance STEM activity for your school. A visit to a planetarium can be invaluable in communicating ideas of scale and distance in space. Such things simply do not fit into books, or even classrooms! For more information about available shows click here.

The Science Centre’s Education Team offer a wide range of workshops, most of which can be incorporated into a visit to the main exhibition area or the Planetarium. The activities have been designed with the curriculum in mind and include hands on practical activities often using equipment not available in many schools. The Science Centre’s Outreach Team can also deliver these workshops in schools. Please click here for more information.