Secondary School Support

From building balloon powered cars, programming robots and exploring the universe in a planetarium, to racing model powerboats, discovering nuclear medicine and sending stuffed toys to the edge of space, primary and secondary school teachers are delivering STEM subjects in inspirational ways.


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There is a huge range of support available to secondary school teachers to enhance their teaching.

UK State secondary schools can benefit from the STEM Ambassadors Programme, a fantastic free of charge resource for schools funded by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). Read more about this brilliant scheme here. Here is what one local teacher said about her recent experience using STEM Ambassadors.  "Just wanted to say thank you for organising the three STEM ambassadors. They were excellent!  Events for Year 10 and Year 9 have worked so well I would definitely like to run them again next year!"

Many students have their work rewarded through the British Science Association's CREST Award scheme, which provides a framework for a deeper level of engagement with scientific concepts to be developed throughout their education. Please visit the resources section of the website for lots more useful documentation.

The STEM NOW team at Winchester Science Centre can help you participate in these and many other enrichment programmes.

All schools engaged with the STEM Ambassador Programme are now eligible to 20% discount in the Winchester Science Centre shop. The shop sells a variety of items perfect for prizes including quality books, interesting experiments to try at home and other unusual and quirky science gadgets.  

The shop can be visited without buying a ticket. For further info please contact