Planetarium for schools

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A truly memorable experience

A visit to a planetarium cinema can be invaluable in communicating ideas of scale and distance in space. Such things simply do not fit into books, or even classrooms! The 360 degree giant domed cinema screen gives a sense of immersion and the experience is awe-inspiring and memorable.


Please be lined up outside the planetarium cinema 10 minutes before your showtime. If you are in organised groups, each adult should be at the front of their group (this ensures each group is kept together), otherwise just spread the adults evenly along the line. Adults who need to sit next to one particular child are asked to keep this child next to them as they enter the planetarium and let the staff seating the group know.

Teachers and helpers sit among the students to aid discipline during the show - our staff organise this so that the adults are spread evenly and every child has an adult nearby. Adults are given red torches which can be used to aid exit if necessary. Discipline is rarely a problem as the students are usually very well engaged.

Shows are usually followed by Q&A (where time allows), but if booking a film show please check that there will be specialist staff available for this.

The planetarium cinema seats up to 176, so you may share your show with another group of similar age/ability. Larger groups (up to 200) can be squeezed in on request.

Members of the public may be allowed into school shows in strictly limited numbers (5 yrs+). However, the presenter's attention will remain fully on the school group(s).

Booking & enquiries: contact Anita, tel 01962 891942 or email