Mobile planetarium for schools


This huge, state-of-the-art six-metre digital mobile planetarium can bring the 360° experience into your school. It seats up to 40 KS1-2 children or up to 30 KS3+ children at one time.

The planetarium comes with an engaging and experienced astronomy specialist who can present live planetarium shows, play 360° fulldome films on a variety of topics, and answer children's questions.

Booking & enquiries: contact Anita, tel 01962 891942 (8am - 4pm) or email


Please check your venue is appropriate before booking! 

The mobile planetarium requires an indoor area of 8m x 8m with 4m ceiling height and access to power. It takes 1hr to set up and 45min to pack down. If using the lunch hall, there would not usually be enough time to pack down before setting up tables and so lunches are usually held elsewhere.

Full information can be found the in the following documents. Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before confirming your visit, and the Risk Assessment (which has some responsibilities for the school) before the date of the visit. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terms & conditions

Risk Assessment


Mobile Planetarium Shows

All shows and films use 360o projections and can be followed by astronomy Q&A (as schedule allows). 

Early Years:

Live show: NEW! Little Stars (20min)
Film: The Life of Trees (33min)

Key Stage 1:

Live show: NEW! Look Up! (30min)
Film: The Life of Trees (33min)

Key Stage 2:

Live show: NEW! The Solar System and Beyond (35min)
Live show: Simply Stars (30min show focusing on constellations)

Film: The Life of Trees (33min, ages up to yr4)
Film: We Are Aliens (24min, the search for life in space)
Film: Back to the Moon: For Good (24min, Moon exploration)

Key Stage 3:

Live show: Earth and Beyond (45min) - dates until end May 2017
Live show: NEW! Discovering the Universe (35min) - dates from September 2017

Film: We Are Aliens (24min, the search for life in space)
Film: Back to the Moon: For Good (24min, Moon exploration) 
Film: We Are Astronomers (24min, modern astronomy, very good film for KS3-4)
Film: Cell! Cell! Cell! (24min, cells, DNA, fertilisation, embryogenesis)   


Schools Prices and Booking

The dome takes up to 40 KS1-2 or 30 KS3+ children per show.

FULL DAY £500 + travel (ex VAT)
Up to 6 shows = up to 240 KS1-2 children in total
> Works out approx. £2.08 per child (indicative price only)

HALF DAY £350 + travel (ex VAT)
Up to 3 shows = 120 KS1-2 children in total
> Works out approx. £2.92 per child (indicative price only)

Travel is charged at 70p per mile travelled (ie the distance there and back).

*Chairs/wheelchairs will reduce capacity, please ask for advice.