World Space Week

Schools events and activities, 3-6 October 2017

Mobile Planetarium for in-school presentations

Looking for in-school activities for World Space Week? The Winchester Science Centre Mobile Planetarium can set up in your school hall (early booking advisable). A variety of live show and films are available for different ages from nursery to KS3, with an astronomy specialist presenter able to answer the children's questions; find out more.

Activity Days for schools at the Science Centre

The Science Centre has put together a special package of schools activities to celebrate this international event.

See details below.



Tues 3, Weds 4, & Thurs 5 October
10am-2pm (or 3:15pm)

£7.40 (ex VAT) per child
£1.75 (ex VAT) per adult
Up to 270 children per day


Fri 6 October
10am-2pm (or 3:15pm)

£7.40 (ex VAT) per child
£1.75 (ex VAT) per adult
Up to 270 children per day

Public events will run on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 October, details to be advertised.

Booking & information:

General information about visiting the Science Centre available at: Planning a Visit

To request a booking or for more information, please contact Anita Shearing, tel 01962 891942 or email

Home Education groups may book through a group leader (minimum group size 20 children). Group leaders will need to manage payment (one transaction only) and gather the group on the day ready to be met for the morning briefing.


As part of the World Space Week package, students will take part in a space-themed workshop, a planetarium show and have time to explore the hands-on exhibition. 

Planetarium show

A 40 minute virtual flight through an accurate representation of the Universe with the chance to visit inspirational spacecraft currently working in our Solar System. Followed by Q&A. If you haven't experienced the world-class 17m planetarium yet, don’t miss this chance!

Hands-on Exhibition

There will be time to explore the hands-on exhibition, including special World Space Week displays. Details are to be confirmed, but these will include the chance to handle real Moon rock samples (encapsulated) and meteorites. 

School Workshops

Each student takes part in one 45 minute workshop, delivered to a group of 30-35 students. There are five different workshops on offer; these are booked on a first-come first-served basis so be sure to let us know your order of preference.

Groups of over 90 students or late-booking groups of over 35 students may need to split between two different workshops.

Destination Space, KS2 - This workshop presents your class with an introduction to working for ESA and living on the International Space Station, providing the opportunity to experiment with absorbing water and what happens to a human in the vacuum of space.

The Lander Challenge, KS2 - Using BBC micro:bits, students will construct and test landers inspired by the robotic exploration of our solar system. This workshop will introduce control systems, materials science and Newtonian physics

Rockets and Forces, KS2 / KS3-4 - Students will explore forces and simple pneumatics through building pop bottle water rockets in small groups. After assembling the water rockets, students will investigate further and launch their rockets.

Explore Your Universe, KS3 - An exciting and seriously sciencey show with demonstrations involving a Van de Graaff* generator, thermal imaging camera and simple ion drive! The show about particle physics explains how it is essential to our understanding of our Universe, including mention of current missions and research projects. 

Exoplanets, KS3 - What is an exoplanet? How do we find them, and what are we looking for when we find them? Students will investigate these questions along with discovering the potential of what is out there using real data collected from stars in our galaxy.

* Persons with a pacemaker, cochlear implant or underlying heart condition should not come within 3m of the Van de Graaff generator when it is switched on. Children using the Van de Graaff generator must have their parent or guardian’s permission.