Saturday Night at the Planetarium

Monthly live shows in The Astrium Planetarium

Regular Saturday night planetarium showings. These evenings feature both live, presenter-led shows and pre-recorded 360o fulldome film shows.

The Science Centre’s planetarium houses a 360° fulldome cinema facility. This offers high-quality digital projections across the entire inside of the dome creating a fully immersive experience that fills the field of view.

“The planetarium is one of the best experiences I've had. There are six projectors which display a film across the dome overhead ... it felt like we were flying through space and were really there with the whole of space around us. The seats were so comfortable I could have stayed for hours.”  

"@WinSciCentre had a fascinating night @ your Saturday night at the planetarium! Totally recommend it. will never look at the stars the same!" 

Saturday Night Live planetarium shows last a full hour including questions and answers, with the presenter tackling a different topic each month while controlling the planetarium in realtime.

Pre-recorded 360o fulldome film shows will also be screened, on topics ranging from biology to black holes.


Please note the Science Centre's hands-on exhibition and cafe will not be open during these events. However, there will be refreshments available.

Evening schedule:




Saturday Night Live

(1hr including questions, £10/£8)


The earlier show is more appropriate for families, the later show is a souped-up version for those who like to exercise their brains!



  Sept 27     

  Oct 11&25 

  Nov 8 & 22




The Autumn Night Sky

Mercury, Venus & Mars

Reading the Sky - where am I?


360o fulldome film show

(24min, £5/£4)


  Sept  27 

  Oct 11&25

  Nov 8 & 22  

Black Holes

We are Astronomers

Back to the Moon: For Good

Tickets:    Saturday Night Live: £10 adult / £8 concessions

360o fulldome films: £5 adult / £4 concessions



Tickets can be pre-booked online or by phoning 01962 891925

The Science Centre's front desk will be open for ticket collection from 5pm


Shows run every month except for August and December. Information about shows from January 2015 will appear here closer to date.

September LIVE show: The Autumn Night Sky (1hr inc Q&A)

Take a tour of the heavens, with a full run-down of the stars, constellations and interesting space objects you can spot in the sky in the coming months. The focus of this show will be on things you can see with the naked eye, but you will also find out how things would look if you were able to use binoculars or a small telescope.

October LIVE show: Mercury, Venus & Mars (1hr inc Q&A)

Visit our three rocky neighbours in space, and discover the huge differences between these. Find out how we have found about about them and what possibilities exist for setting up colonies or discovering alien life. Show includes a trip down to the surface of Mars to visit the Curiosity rover!

November LIVE show: Reading the Sky - where am I? (1hr inc Q&A)

Look up at the sky. What can it tell you about where, and when you are? As we whirl our way through the solar system, the directions in which we see the Sun, Moon and other planets - and how they appear to us - all give clues about our location on the Earth's surface and what time of day and year it is. Learn to read the clues and you will never look at the sky in the same way again!

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